Tablets for the Quinoa Project

So, you have some land that’s not being used and some Quinoa and Millet seeds, what do you do?  You plant them and hope for the best of course.  Here at Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community we learn, then do, hence experiential learning.  We have started a 20 week course on Quinoa and Millet planting, growing and harvesting.  During this course we use the tablets to research and detail our journey to perfect understanding of what it takes to grow the two nutritious grains (by the way Quinoa is technically a seed or psuedocereal).  They are researching a different topic each week regarding the grains.  We then have then write a five paragraph essay to show that they understand the topic given.  Don’t worry  – we let them have some fun with the tablets as well, pictures and music are provided as well as time to explore the technology.  Please stay tuned for more updates on the journey to technological understanding through educational learning.



Tablet1 (5) (685x457)


Tablet1 (4) (685x457)


Tablet1 (3) (685x457)

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